I am happy to be able to facilitate your colonic with the use of the CLOSED Colonic Irrigation System, the Aqua-Cleanse. It is FDA Cleared as a Class II Medical Device. That means that all the fittings are medical quality stainless steel and there are numerous safety features including a 3-stage water filtration and an internal disinfecting process with hospital-grade solution. It’s the highest standard in the industry. Everything that comes in contact with you during a session is disposable. The combination of my 15 years experience and the best Closed Colon Hydrotherapy device available worldwide offers a safe, comfortable, deep and gentle cleansing process.

All FDA registered class 2 colon hydrotherapy equipment is safe when the therapist follows the manufacturer’s recommendations for operation and sanitation. Please confirm the device your therapist uses is class a 2 Medical Device and the therapist is I-ACT certified.


The speculum is single use medical grade plastic with two separate hoses, one for filtered water in and one for waste out. The speculums are engineered so the filtered water cannot be contaminated with waste.