This was my first experience with colonics, and I was super nervous! I went with Judy because she came highly recommended from the owner of my massage school- I had called around to other places but none of them made me feel very comfortable. Judy was fantastic! She put me in control and respected my decisions and comfort level. She didn’t criticize me for my eating habits (as I’d seen done on videos!) but was sensitive and supportive through the whole process. I absolutely recommend her. – Amy

I have wanted to try colonics for awhile but was nervous. I watched many youtube videos and still was nervous. Finally I decided to just try it. I went to Judy and was very impressed. She was nothing like the people in the videos. She didn’t tell me how it should be or how much water I should hold. She let me tell her. Everything was about my comfort and I was in control.

Now let me get to the good stuff. I cannot believe what came out of me. I am a regular person and yet I still had much to dispense of. Releasing my body of these toxins has done wonders for me. I immediately lost 2 pounds but that is nothing compared to the rest of what I have gained. I have energy that I haven’t had in years. I wake up every morning excited to be awake and full of energy. I don’t need as much sleep and when I do sleep it is a hard, restful sleep. I don’t feel hungry all the time and my sugar cravings are gone. I started my cycle the day after our second session and had no clue that I was going to. I had no PMS or any of the other normal things that go with it. There is so much more that I could tell you about how I feel but I’m not sure how to. It is just a feeling that is so wonderful. I truly feel younger and healthier. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

One last thing. Judy isn’t just knowledgeable in colon care but in many other health related areas. Go in and talk to her. She is amazing! -Andrea

I was lucky enough to stumble across Judy’s website for colonic care, and couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. Within the first fifteen minutes, I was completely at ease despite being nervous on the way there as Judy met me with the kindness and patience that reminds you of your favorite aunt. Her office is secluded off from the rest of her house with it’s own private bathroom/dressing room. Judy was calming from the moment I laid on her comfortable table, and she even had relaxing music playing, turned off the lights, and provided me with a heating pad. This was the PERFECT setting and ideal for a first timer like me.
Since that first appointment, I was utterly sold. Not only was Judy everything I could have wanted in a professional with amazingly caring bedside manner-I could not BELIEVE what I saw leaving my body. Judy let me be in total control of my session with water pressure, soaking, etc. Not only has it changed my eating habits and diet, it has opened me to a more holistic approach to my over all health. I continue to see Judy and enjoy my sessions because she is there coaching every step of the way. Judy is a very special care taker with an incredible intuition and giving heart. I had no idea I would be so well taken care of. I highly recommend her services to anyone. Even if you’re nervous or scared, I promise you..Judy will change your life.