Healing Guts

Guts are my passion.

I love helping people feel better and getting the colon (large intestine) to work like it is meant to. I love the satisfaction of having people return glowing from having long term symptoms cleared up.

I am on a quest to heal the small intestine as well.

While colonics, eating good food, taking probiotics to help repopulate good bacteria and Tanalbit to take out an overabundance of ‘ bad’ yeast and bacteria certainly help one to feel better and heals the colon, if you continue to battle “Candida” or dysbiosis, leaky gut and all the symptoms that go with them, the small intestine also needs to be worked on.

My favorite ‘go to’ healing substance is clay. I just purchased a three clay blend for internal use and I’m excited to use it internally for both the large and small intestine. Taking clay internally has a great record for healing the guts.

The more I study guts, the more amazed I am at the complexity and wonder of the them. If your guts are not in great shape, you are not going to be healthy. Period.

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