Flax Breakfast Cereal or Dessert!

Flax seeds.
Seed and nuts like chia seeds, sunflower seed, sesame seeds, chopped almonds, pumpkin seeds etc. Dried fruits like coconut, currents, figs, raisins, dates, date sugar etc.

Mix equal amounts of flax seeds and a combination of chopped nuts & dried fruit. i.e.1 cup flax seeds and 1 cup mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Mix up and store the mixture in the freezer then use the amount you need daily.

For Cereal: Cover 1/3 cup of the flax mixture with water a little above the mixture before retiring night before. In the morning, stir in Nut Milk and add any fresh or frozen fruit. Frozen berries and bananas are yummy! Yogurt or cashew milk is nice too.

For Dessert: The same as above but soak the mixture for an hour or so instead of overnight.

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